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2009 Edwin Happ

Started Judo in 1955 (26 years old) at the YMCA in Oak Park IL. First Judo instructor was 
Yoshio Kakazu, a wonderful instructor and kind-hearted man.
● Worked with Ernie Hauser, good friend and first judo partner, to learn all judo moves in the 
Illustrated Kodokan Judo Book.
● Competed in tournaments held at the Lawson YMCA in Chicago, IL
● Of interest: there were no weight classes for the tournaments - all of the competitors were lined 
up and matched up by height. A competitor advance only by winning - if a competitor lost, he 
was out of the tournament, and if there was a draw, both competitors were out of the 
tournament. There was also a green belt division at this time. 
● Three memorable tournaments as a competitor (first two tournaments at the Lawson YMCA in 
1959 and the third tournament at the Milwaukee YMCA in the early 1960's).
* Won the Brown Belt Promotion Tournament
*Won three matches within less than one minute (two matches within 10 seconds)
*Very proud that the Milwaukee Black Belt teams defeated two of the Chicago Black Belt
● After being transferred for work, continued Judo at the YMCA in Milwaukee under the 
leadership of Neal Rosenberg, a wonderful man and competitive coach.
● Started Judo Club at the Jewish Center in Milwaukee in 1960.
● Earned Black Belt (2nd degree) and registered as a 1st degree Black Belt in the Kodokan on 
September 3, 1960.
● Favorite Techniques: foot sweeps
● Taught Judo at the Stevens Point YMCA for 10 years (1970-1980)
● Taught Judo at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point for 9 years (1972 - 1980)
● Started the Stevens Point Judo Club in 1972: it successfully continues to this day under the 
leadership of Tom Gustin and Jim Weidner.
● Exposed between 300-400 students to the sport of Judo● Outstanding students and competitors (promoted to Black Belt - Names in bold):
Bob Glejf
Tom Gustin*
Jim Weidner*
Ken Camlek^
Jim Haferman^
*and ^ - current Nage No Kata Teams
● Served in the Army from 1952 - 1954, Honorably Discharged as a Corporal in the 1st Division 
Reconnaissance Company.