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2009 Eugene Dee

I started judo in the small gym at the Milwaukee Central YMCA in 1961. I was a freshman 
in high school. Peter Lorre inspired me to try judo. He was best known for his roles in the Maltese 
Falcon and Casablanca, but he played the character of Mr. Moto, who was a judo expert, in a 
series of films in the '30s.
I trained under Neil Rosenberg for many years at the YMCA. He was my mentor in judo 
and for other aspects of my life. I learned how to drive and how to do Hane Goshi from him. I 
cannot thank him enough for all that he has helped me. 
In judo I was able to accomplish many championships:
● I was Wisconsin middleweight champ 16 times. 
● I won the State Grand Championship 14 times. 
● I won 2nd place at the National High School Championships.
● I won first place in the National College tournament. 
● Third place in the middleweight Senior National Championships. 
● And a third and two first places in the National Masters Championships.
In 1985, I moved from Wisconsin to California. I started practicing at Tenri Dojo. Tenri was 
and is a very interesting dojo to train at. There I always get a great workout and are many 
national and international players. I now live 60 miles north of Los Angles in the mountains. I 
sometimes work out at Mountain Judo Club, but try to get to Tenri Dojo whenever I can.