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2009 Mickey Shoulders

Judo became a part of Mickey's life in 1943 when he served in the Navy at Great Lakes, Ill. 
At that time Judo and Jiu-jitsu were one of the activities that he became an instructor for the 
officers and enlisted men. His ability to organize and instruct earned him respect and promotions. 

When he left the Navy, December 1945 he and his wife Delores (Dottie) moved to her home town 
of Wausau, Wisconsin. Once settled Mickey became involved in various activities. One of these 
was introducing the sport of Judo to Wausau and surrounding area. He began teaching Judo at 
the Wausau YMCA in the early 1950's. Mickey then began "Mickey's Judo Jujitsu Institute" and 
taught out of the basement of his home in the 1960's. It was in the early 1970's that he moved to 
a home that had a building next to it that he converted into his dojo where he taught until his 
health became an issue. 

During Mickey's 40 plus years in Judo he received many certificates, awards and 
promotions. Mickey's Judo Jujitsu Institute had involvement with the Milwaukee Kodokan Judo, 
the Marquette University Judo Club, the United States Judo Federation, and the United States 
Judo Association. He held the rank of Teacher, Class B, Second Grade of Kodokan Judo, and a 
second degree black belt. For many years Mr. Shoulders played host to many clinics at his dojo 
with clubs coming from Racine, Milwaukee, Stevens Point and Menomonee, Wisconsin. 

In Wausau Mickey became an involved member of the community. One of his activities was serving 
the YMCA as a board member and a member of the building committee. That followed with 
Mickey starting Wausau's exposure to Judo as he began instructing Judo classes at the Y for 
youth and adults. As his dedication to the sport evolved he became a Sensei. Mickey taught Judo 
in the basement of his home for many years until he moved in the early 1970's to a home with a 
building beside it that he converted into his own dojo. 

1. Milwaukee Black Belt Kodokan Judo awarded brown belt/sankyu 2/20/1960 (Neal 
Rosenberg - chair of examing board, instructor of the dojo), awarded 3rd. brown in Chicago 
2. Milwaukee Black Belt Kodokan Judo awarded brown belt/ Nikyu 4/9/61 
3. USJF certificate of promotion Shodan , 7/1964 rank # 1-1495 
4. Presidential Sports Award for Judo, Richard Nixon , 5/1973 
5. USJA life membership award member 365, 11/1/73
6. USJA 1973 membership Judo Black Belt Federation of the USA "Mickey's Judo Jujitsu 
7. Certificate of Judo Teacher rank of Teacher Class B, 7/16/74 to 7/31/76.8. Marquette University Judo Club granted dad the 1st. lifetime membership in their club 
because of his dedication to the art of judo. Ron Kazel 9/9/74
9. Amateur Athletic Union member thru 6/78
10. USJF Teachers Institute 5th annual clinic, Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Missouri, 
July 13 - 10, 1975 certificate of completion
11. Diploma 1st grade of Kodokan Judo 8/21/1975
12. Diploma 2nd grade of Kodokan Judo 11/11/75
13. USJF Black Belt Federation of USA 1976 member
14. Certificate of Judo Teacher rank of teacher, Class B Feb. 77 - Jan. 1979