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2011 James Peterson

I started judo in the fall of 1968 at The University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Bill Morgan was my first instructor. 
When I graduated without a job I moved to Milwaukee because the YMCA was Bill’s original club and he was back 
there working out. 

In 1970 I got a job teaching Physical Education in Waukesha. This turned out to be a perfect job that allowed 
me to train during my lunch hour and then three to four nights a week in Judo. Neal Rosenberg, Dick Soliva, the 
Chons, Pat Buris, Eugene Dee and Randy Baures were the coaches and training partners that most influenced my 
Judo. Due to their influence I had many good years of competition.

In 1983 after one of my many injuries I thought I might have to retire so to keep my hand in I started a club in 
Waukesha at a school where I taught. With several kids from Hadfield School we formed the Wahadachi Judo Club. 
After the demise of the YMCA in Milwaukee several close friends, Kathy Huff, Roger Anderson, Joanne Riepe and 
Dick Graham, helped me set up a new site for the club in Milwaukee. Randy Griswald and Randy Baures joined the 
club later on and have been tremendous assets. 

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have some great athletes from our club, many who have 
competed at all levels all over the world. With all of the success I have been lucky to have in Judo, my greatest joy 
has been the people I have met and shared my life with.