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2012 Ed Judziewicz

I started Judo in 1960. My original instructors were Bob Wienke and Tom Firle. Shortly after that, I went to the Central YMCA and Neal Rosenburg became my Sensei. 
My tournament records (as well as I can remember, and from looking at some very old trophies that I have left) are as follows. I cannot list them all, so I will just try and highlight.
  • 1960 Gary, IN Judo Contest – 1st Place
  • 1960 Marquette University – 1st Place
  • 1961, 1962, 1963 State Championships - Division and Overall Champion
  • 1964 Olympic Trials – Did not make the team, but had some victories
  • 1965 Racine YMCA Open Judo Tournament – Grand Champion
  • 1971 State Championships – Fond Du Lac – 1st Place
  • 1972 Wisconsin AAU Championships – 1st Place
  • 1973 National YMCA Judo Championships – 3rd Place
  • 1978 National AAU Judo Championships – IL – 2nd Place
  • 1978 State Kata Championships – 2nd Place
  • 1979 State Kata Championships – 1st Place
  • Fought an 11 man Navy Team and defeated them all including their instructor.
  • In a Marquette University Stand-Up Tournament, I defeated 15 of their team without a loss.
These are what I consider some High or Low-Lights, whatever you prefer. At one National Tournament I was complemented for my Judo ability by the “then” World Champion Judoka. My Instructor, Neal Rosenburg was called up and honored also. (Had to slip that in.)
I received my Shodan on January 25, 1962. My Kodokan membership number is 21859. I was promoted to my present rank of Yodan on April 25, 1981.In 1967 I received my teaching certificate from North Central Judo Association and in 1973, received my teaching certificate from the United States Judo Federation under E. K. Kowai -President.
I was an assistant instructor at the Milwaukee YMCA.
I was President of the Milwaukee YMCA Judo Club for one year. 
My Referee activity was at the Local Tournament level.
In 1968 I took over the Fond Du Lac Judo club and taught there for about twenty-two years. During that time, some of my outstanding students did well in State and National Competition. I had two students who went to the 1984 Olympic Trials. They were Terry Butz and Linda Smits. Other outstanding students of mine were Terry Gokey and Dick Thompson. Dick has gone on to 
the rank of Godan, (he surpassed his old Sensei!) and now teaches Women’s Self Defense in the Madison area. 
My Ukes for Kata Competition were Joe Schoredor and Mark Tohulka. Mark is now the Superintendent of schools in Florida.
I moved away from the Fond Du Lac area and have lost touch with many of my old students.
I have always been a supporter of Judo. One very rewarding thing happened to me in retirement. I took a retirement job in a Catholic grade school. One day I approached the principal with the idea of teaching Judo to some of the lower grades. He had me set up the program and it was really a success. No competition, just learning how to fall and some techniques. The kids loved it!