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2008 Sandy Cornelius

Sandi taught Judo Classes at various programs in the city and suburbs of Milwaukee 
County and served as the secretary of the North Central Judo Association. She also participated 
in Judo clinics held in various localities throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and North 
Carolina. She was also considered the mentor and central driving force for women’s judo in 

In 1970 Sandi took a two month tour around the world followed by a 1971 3 1/2 month tour 
around the Pacific Rim. During both of these trips she studied judo at the Korean Yudo College in 
Seoul Korea and the Kodokan in Tokyo. 

Sandi completed in many Judo tournaments and accumulated scores of trophies. Her most 
memorable achievement was taking 2nd place at the National AAU in St. Louis in 1971. She 
competed in all three Katas and reached the finals in Juno and Katame-no-Kata. The award was 
won in Juno Kata. 

Sandi was no longer participating in Judo she still attended tournaments throughout the 
United States. She would often judge the kata competitions. 

Sandi was a very gracious hostess for foreign dignitaries who were involved in Judo. Her 
home was always open and through these associations she became as excellent cook of Korean 
and Japanese dishes. Besides her interest in Judo, Sandi loved to read, fish, travel, learn 
languages, and became a crafter. At the end of her life she was a superb maker of Indian 
baskets. She loved animals from her first dog, Tomahawk, to Pirate the Cat, and her kittens, Peek 
and Boo who now live with her sister, Kathy.