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2008 Dick Graham

I got started in Judo when I was taking a self defense class from Jack Takerian, at the Y.M.C.A. There was a sign on the wall that advertised a Judo Tournament at the Y. I went to see it and was really impressed with the demonstration Dick Soliva and Tom Firile gave. I signed up for a Judo Class and started Judo under Neil Rosenberg. I was 25 years old at the time. I competed in tournaments for 10 years until I was 30. Then I started to referee. 

I moved to the Marquette Judo Club with Ron Kazel until the Club was dissolved. Then I moved to the UWM Club with Ron Kazel and Gregg Roloff. I stayed there until that club closed. At that point Jim Peterson asked me along with Kathy Huff to help with his club, the Wahadachi Judo Club, where I am presently.

became a national referee in 1981 in Boise, Idaho. I reached the level of N2. I retired from refereeing in October 7, 2007, at Loras Collage. I continue to be active in Judo by coaching and time keeping.