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2010 Tony Truskowski

In 1968 at the age of 33, Tony started judo at Kyu Dojo at the Racine YMCA under the 
instruction of Ron Hansen. He earned the rank of Shodan in 1980, moved up to Nidan in 
1987, Sandan in 1994, Yodan in 2004 and is currently awaiting approval for the rank of 

When Racine Youth Sports was founded in 1979, Tony volunteered to teach judo. Tony 
formed the RYS Judo Club in 1981, 100 years after the founding of the Kodokan. 
From 1969 - 1991 he worked out with Ron Kazel at Marquette University, then Gregg 
Roloff and Dennis Starral at UWM, where he achieved Nikyu, Ikkyu and Shodan. During 
this time also visited the Lake Geneva Judo Club to train with Bunky Fellmeth. Tony 
presently helps teach at RYS and works out at Wahadachi Judo Club. 

Tony has taught Katas to junior students during the last 15 years. He and student Geoff 
Anderson, who was 15 years old at the time, did Katame-No-Kata in the 1999 Senior 
Nationals. Geoff was the first junior to do a Kata in Senior Nationals. 

During his judo career, Tony has earned 21 trophies, which include 9 first place, 8 second 
place and 4 third place including taking 1st place at Nationals in 1987 Masters and 3rd
place in 1988 Masters. In recent years he has competed in Ju no Kata and Goshin Jutsu 
and has placed in local tournaments.

He is a certified IJF referee R2 and currently is the Chairman and Coordinator for 
Scorekeeping and Timing for the Midwest region. He is a member of USJI. In addition, he 
received the Robert Schneider Memorial Award in appreciation for loyal support and 
dedication to the sport of judo.